Coloured memories of you

Most memories of you by now are painted
in shades of sunrises and oranges.
The dark has faded into sepia
and if I wait some more, you’ll be all white.

Most facts of what went on, are futile dots,
unnoticed on the canvas near your face.
I’ve known you in all colours of this life
but I would tear the painting if it showed.

Most dreams of you are better than the truth.
Each time I find you back there under layers
of paint, and if I close my eyes, why would
I think of you but in sweetest colours.


Comments on: "Coloured memories of you" (11)

  1. I changed “you’ll all be white” into “you’ll be all white” as that was an error 🙂

  2. I love the reflective reminiscent feel in these colours!! L&H xx !

  3. Didn’t mean the exclamation mark at the end of the kisses! Lol xx

  4. t h i n g s + f l e s h said:

    your clear lines are always so moving. thank you for sharing your sweetly disarming poem with me today. tony

  5. ‘The dark has faded into sepia’ – made me think of a recent post of mine (Written in the Stars) where I made the drawing a sepia tint. It has the effect of something that is old, fading, but not quite gone, I think, at least, not quite colorless … ‘Most dreams of you are better than the truth’ – I so understand that. Lovely, Ina. XO

  6. Every time I read you Ina I am blown away – you just simply have the touch – every poem you post resonates so many chords in me – I thank you for the sensual experiences of your words…

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