No postage

I kept the postcard that you sent to me,
but that is all that is reminding me,
there is no more of you to find you in,
there’s another now getting your flowers.

I’ve counted hours that you spent with me
and about now you’ve seen her more than me.
We had our ending. You a new begin.
What now is yours and hers, once all was ours.

The card was sent from where we once made love,
reminder that all this was not enough,
that’s how I felt about it anyway.
Was it a sign that you remembered some of it?

I shall not frame the card but keep it safe
in a drawer, unseen like an unloved waif.
The card is dear but came with some delay.
I paid a fee. You had not stamped it.


Comments on: "No postage" (12)

  1. Angela said:

    Beautifully melancholic, Ina.

  2. I loved the melancholy in his Ina. Yet it left me with a smile at the end, but maybe it shouldn’t have because I guess the reference to paying a fee for no postage was really a metaphor? Not sure.

    Anyway really good poem that I expect lots of people would relate to; that awful feeling of someone close now being with some somebody else. i certainly know the feeling and it makes me shudder 🙂 You expressed it so well here.

    L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, thank you very much! I suppose it is a metaphor 🙂 It has to do with letting go…
      L&H xxx

  3. I agree, there is a beautiful melancholy about it, and the last line. What can one say. A brilliant touch

  4. Poignant, but always with that twist of wit at the end. We have to laugh at heartbreak, sometimes, I think … well, if not laugh then find a little moment here and there to smile over it. XO

  5. Smiles and tears – you know how to touch a heart…

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