Whitby museum artifact

They have a hand here that is mummified,
it once was of a criminal, then chopped.
I watch the black thing and am horrified,
think how the cut went, how the hand was dropped.

The man explaining has a ponytail,
he spend his time in these museum rooms,
where all the facts of life are shown on scale,
a history of this old town resumes.

The fingers point to where the exit is.
We leave, the rain just pouring now,
and on our mind that man, the hand, once his,
what happened to the rest of him and how?

So nice the coastline lied before our feet.
We had no clue of what we were to meet.

about the Whitby Hand of Glory


Comments on: "Whitby museum artifact" (12)

  1. tjtherien said:

    enjoyed this very much

  2. Fascinating and very creepy!! I hadnt heard this before!

    You can whip up a super sonnet about anything!!

    L&H xx

    • Thank you Christine. I have seen the hand twice in the museum and it is a bit obscure and sinister, something to make a horror movie about perhaps! 🙂 L&H xx

  3. I agree – fascinating and creepy! I’m learning about my own country here, Ina!

  4. I have seen it too – many decades ago.

  5. That hand is really quite creepy is it not.

    It does too tend to stay in the memory 🙂

    But the museum is well worth a visit.

    Good poem


    • Hi David,
      thank you very much 🙂 Whitby has a lot more to offer than the hand, which is good 🙂 I love the museum and the squirrels in the park there!


  6. Very interesting but chilling. I’m sure whoever the hand belong to never though someone would write a sonnet (and an excellent one at that!) about it and what it is missing! 🙂 ♥

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