I see paint on canvas
and register a feel I lost,
words enter the museum
where more people,
maybe all people,
find themselves
gathered for truth
to be revealed,
we shuffle through halls
seeing more than we see
as all was already in us
when we arrived in this building
but now we watch how on canvas
it comes together in paint.


Comments on: "Art" (14)

  1. I believe you have captured something very true and essential about our relationship with art in this wonderful poem.

    • Hi Ronald, thank you very much. It seems art is a reflection of something in our collective mind. How else can we explain that paint on cloth can mean so much to us… πŸ™‚

  2. Great thoughts. I’m overwhelmed when I enter a gallery. All the talent is right there on a wall for everyone to see and we get to try interpret what was the artist is trying to say.

    • Hi Michael. thank you very much! Museums and galleries are wonderful. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is reopening this month, after having been closed for ten years, and I want to go there! πŸ™‚

  3. I believe that you have recalled to us here that observation is an integral part of the process of artistic creation. We own the interpretative experience. With regard to literature, Roland Barthes called it ‘the death of the author’.

    • Hi Marie, I have been told a poem is what a reader reads in it and I did not agree, but maybe it is true afterall πŸ™‚

  4. kaytheauthor said:

    I never read a poem about art before this was nice and different

  5. Art is so many things: an interactive experience and perhaps a selfish one, too. I love this poem – very thought-provoking – and have shared on FB.

  6. Good art becomes a part of the viewer’s life. This poem reflects that truth,
    the strokes of the paint brush
    reach out and throb
    with the veins and arteries
    pumping into the heart…
    The poem is thought-provoking.

  7. You have nailed it beautifully Ina – no magic without the viewer…

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