The Mother Buzzard

I met a buzzard on her way
to kill a mouse and feed her kin.
Against a blue sky, circling low,
detached from Earth, hunt to begin
she dived, and caught
and then let go.
But why? A buzzard doesn’t care
about another creature’s life.
I watched her fly without her prey,
it was her motherhood at test.
Her offspring cried for cruelty
but all stayed hungry in the nest.
She couldn’t kill a mouse that day.


Comments on: "The Mother Buzzard" (6)

  1. Oh this is such a lovely reflection. And it made me smile gently too. Nature has its own intricacies :).

    Sorry if I have missed one or two Ina; as you know, it has been/still is very busy here at the moment. Today the Irish “gang” are moving to a cottage in the country for the rest of the week but still calling here daily. So I will get some breaks. It is lovely but I am finding it extremely tiring.

    L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, thank you very much. I saw a deer this morning but it was too fast for a photo. The buzzard flies around every morning, I doubt she will let go once more 🙂

      Take it easy and enjoy your offspring’s visit! 🙂 L&H xx

  2. ‘Her offspring cried for cruelty’ Wow. This is nature, but sometimes it is so hard to accept that some creatures must die for others to live. XO

  3. What a poem, Ina! The idea that a buzzard would catch a mouse and then let it go doesn’t seem real. If this was real then both the poem and the incident it records are truly amazing.

    • The buzzard dropped the mouse by accident I suppose, but it was a nice thought to think she did it because she felt for the creature. 🙂

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