March of horror

When words can’t say the horror
that paintings can not draw,
and music has no notes for it,
what use of rotten memories,
that come to pester us in dreams?
Just when you think you have forgotten,
come marching skeletons of long ago.

Some memories are not our own,
but haunt us as they need to be remembered.
When words are gone, and tears dried up,
where silence screams of what was done
to others. They come to tell you what you know.
They should stay in the memory of all.
Cold wind is blowing over Bergen Belsen.

Bergen Belsen was liberated in April 1945. Anne Frank died there in March 1945.
Bergen Belsen


Comments on: "March of horror" (14)

  1. ghostwriter3104 said:

    Wow… That was an elegant expression that I can most certainly relate…

  2. Chilling – as it should be – and never forgotten

  3. Bergen Belsen could be just about any point in time…

  4. By a strange coincidence I have been researching ‘Maus’ this morning.

  5. Such a powerful piece, Ina – how is it that such horror is still happening, young lives cut short, man’s inhumanity to man? And as there is such debate in the US right now about gay marriage … I say we should be worrying about hate not love. XO

    • Hi Diane, that is so true, why would people be against the right of gays to marry, what difference would it make to others! Let them marry if they want!

  6. Your poetry reaches me deeply, in different ways, every time. This time, remembering and recognizing past and present horrors … honouring the suffering…you evoke tears..

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