Going out the door

The worried oak shakes his head over me;
I can’t wait for him to have leaves again,
I need to see how my geese are doing,
hope to find you standing in the distance,
or someone like you. I need to feel my blood.

At home in heated rooms I can’t find life
where only caged birds live. I walk in cold,
exist in memories of warmer days.
I have been dead too long now to give up.
Like trees I shall invent myself once more.


Comments on: "Going out the door" (16)

  1. This is a lovely lament Ina. Thsts what it is to me anyway.

    Everything has been asleep far too long. We are “caged birds”.

    L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, thank you very much! 🙂 It looks so nice with the sun shining! But it still is too cold to be outdoors really. L&H xx

  2. And the ‘worried oak’ sets a perfect tone.

  3. melancholic beauty indeed

  4. ghostwriter3104 said:

    Well written… I too am ready for Spring 🙂

  5. Which is exactly how I feel today.

    I have had enough of this bitterly cold weather!!!!

    Stay warm

    • Hi David, I walked for 2 hours today and I needed the rest of the day to warm up. Still ice in the ditches and pools. (See my photo album on fb! 🙂 ) Stay warm too!
      Arohanui xx

  6. Love this, especially these lines:
    ‘At home in heated rooms I can’t find life
    where only caged birds live.’

    Be careful when those windows are finally open … for you may fly away! (But, that’s ok) XO

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