Late Spring

When cold air is blowing
all the way from Siberia,
killing birds that should nestle
and a tulip that tries to rise from the soil,
like that, such bitter reward
is what we got from efforts
to be like others in our youth.

To be a tulip in frost.
To make a nest on frozen ground,
and find the little chicks frozen
and petals dead before bloom.
Spring comes late sometimes
but then, it bursts in thousands daffodils,
and with young birds singing all around.


Comments on: "Late Spring" (8)

  1. A lovely lament Ina.

    I feel sorry for nature when it seems to fight against itself! It must have MS! Because thats exactly what my body is doing, attacking itself!! Lol

    L&H xx

    • πŸ™‚ Hi Christine, nature always recovers I think, I hope it will be warmer soon πŸ™‚ L&H πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Stay warm.


  3. I can tell you, Ina, I’m still waiting here. No end in sight to the easterly airstream. 😦

    • Here too. They say it feels like -15 C outdoors. I am not going to try. The sun is shining, but the wind is strong (8 bft?) and it is bitterly cold. Stay warm Marie!

  4. I guess we are meant to endure more cold yet, but the warmth will come. Somehow nature knows that – always such a miracle to behold! Lovely. XO

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