You move in me and I hold you
as simple is the nature call.
We even made some children
while we did it.
A ritual to please the pope,
to give all schools a bit of hope,
to reproduce, to be intimate strangers.
We make love, we break it too,
we destroy and build again,
and flesh on flesh the time goes by,
a whisper, scream, a mournful cry,
a little death before life starts anew.


Comments on: "Ritual" (10)

  1. Human, Hopeful, concise

  2. As always your words are full of colour and layers, which is something I always enjoy. The is a bittersweet quality to these lines which stays with you. A bittersweet quality and a bittersweet truth bravely written

  3. Another thought-provoking love poem.

    You do do them really well


  4. This poem struck me as very DH Lawrence (I was manic about reading him when I was in my teens), Ina, in its juxtaposition of love as a beginning and ending. Excellent! XO ♥

  5. I enjoyed that portrayal of love and creation of life, you captured it beautifully, I like the title and the reference to the relationship between the ritual and religion

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