Poems about love

I read poems about love and it was not so for me,
stuff about the moon and the smell of roses
didn’t ring a bell.

A poem about love for me describes the waiting
for the moment to pass the butter from his hand
or light that is singing when he opens his eyes.
How a stone dies of loneliness
before the day decides to end life in silence.

Maybe I should not read a poem to the letter.
I must try to smell the sweetness of the moon
and be blue in the light of roses.

entry for openlinknight week 88


Comments on: "Poems about love" (23)

  1. A different kind of love poem but still a love poem! I love this Ina! . And I love all your love poems; they say how I see love too, in all the tiniest and sometimes obscure ways that could almost escape us if we weren’t paying attention.


    L&H xx

  2. Observation on my comment – overuse of the word “love”!!! Lol xx (6 times!!)

    • Hi Christine, lovely comment 🙂 thank you very much! That is a great discription of how love can be found. Sometimes I read poems that don’t work for me, I think everyone has those. We may be all slightly different in how we sense, and what means a lot to one person, has no meaning to another. Maybe! 🙂 It is great if people feel alike!

      L&H xx

  3. “How a stone dies of loneliness” – Jings! Am I ever going to steal those words too!

    Good poem, Ina.


  4. You are welcome to steal 🙂 Thank you very much Marie.

  5. That is magnificent! Such an inspiration! Thank you 🙂

  6. Oh, I love this.


  7. A stone dying of lonliness. What a fantastic image. A visit to your Blog is always rewarding

  8. I can NOT write love poems. 🙂 Roses are red…is about all I’ve got! I envy those that can. And I envy this piece Ina…the line regarding the stone is powerful! Loved your love poem!

    • Hi tashtoo
      thank you very much. There is a lot to say about love and red roses is one way to say it!

  9. wow.

    really moving piece.

    How a stone dies of loneliness
    before the day decides to end life in silence….stuck out at me…
    and that close it sucked the air out of the room for me…
    love is such an interesting thing…
    a fresh perspective on it for sure….

  10. trying to smell the sweetness of the moon is a good thing…right up my alley…and really loved the … moment to pass the butter from his hand… as well…so cool..being blue in the light of roses…wonderful close…

  11. I think this is my first visit to your page. Very nice verse. I hate being unoriginal, but the stone line is the image that lingers. Love poems have many faces, and I love the expression on this one!

  12. I really liked the unique feel of this love poem.

  13. I think we could use some more love poems like this one of yours 🙂

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