Birds of a feather

I don’t see
that they are different:
doves and pigeons;
in the light of dawn
they are all
heaven-sent to me.

My guess is pigeons
are on their way
home to sleep in late,
after painting the town red
the night before,
while doves need to
take their white feathers
to the cleaners
early in the morning.


Comments on: "Birds of a feather" (10)

  1. This one gives me a big smile Ina.. I love it!

    L&H xx

  2. Lovely gentle words. Observation without agenda. I love that

  3. Wonderful.

    I burst out laughing when I read this – did me the power of good!!!


    • πŸ™‚ Hi David,
      I think I could hear you! Thank you for laughing, and I am glad it did you good


  4. This poem is a wonderful smile…everyone I share it with can’t help but smile.

  5. You have a good point, but when one of them leaves an unwanted deposit on the car I don’t care about which species they are! πŸ˜€

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