25 jan 2013 023

The world is white now,
it makes my mind
a sheet to begin
my morning with
a new write.

White’s promise
to give choices
of what is,
what to leave out
or whom, what may.

I can pack
the brown suitcase,
make the bed with blue sheets,
wear the red dress you tore.
I could leave today.

I can bake a cake,
walk to the butcher’s
buy the meat you like,
Stay in bed.
I can shovel snow.

I can stop bleeding,
forgive you and stay,
get your baby,
get one more even.
I can grow a garden.

But nothing has been
decided yet, all is still
white, giving me room
before regret
takes over the day.


Comments on: "White" (6)

  1. Oh.I love this!!! The contrast of colours and the white. Fab!

    L&H xx

  2. You are on a roll.

    This too is a terrific poem


  3. Another beauty – your words echo deeply – tabula rasa…

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