Foreign s’es

They’re whispering in foreign s’es
that are so sharp they kill
a fly above their heads.
They must be Germans
or from another country
which such sharp s’es
in their speech.
English maybe?
I try to sleep.

I don’t want to know
what they are saying.
They hiss some more,
they never stop,
they have so much to talk about.
Before the train has reached its destiny
I dream of steam engines
and snakes and s’es
that are sharp enough to kill a fly.


Comments on: "Foreign s’es" (9)

  1. This made me smile. “Sharp enough to kill a fly” – love that.

    Are our s’es sharp? I can’t tell. I do think German generally is what I have always thought of as sharp, but still don’t know about the s”es. Now I will be listening differently! Lol


    • Hi Christine,
      thank you very much. When you are in a train, you can’t always tell in what language people are talking, but the sharp s tells me that’s not Dutch 🙂

      Love and Hugs xx

  2. I agree with Christine –

    “This made me smile. “Sharp enough to kill a fly” – love that”


  3. ‘They’ are probably whispering in English – it’s a very hissing language I’m afraid!
    (I’m away at present with only intermittent access to the internet, so please excuse my being behind with my reading)

    • Hi John,

      so is French I think 🙂 – hissing. Thank you for your visit in spite of the intermittent internet access! 🙂

  4. Herpetoglossia…

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