The child is here

The child that gave you pain is me,
the troubles and the fights were me,
and on your grave I find no token
that you have forgiven me,

except for a breeze that comes from the sea,
a cloud in the shape of a smiling face,
a flower that grows on your silent grave,
but have you forgiven me?
What token should there be?

I just see a raindrop that slides down as a tear
over the words that say “the beloved one”,
and there is a bird that sits on the stone
watching me spell the name that is you.

So the child that gave you pain is here.
looking on your grave to find a token
that says all the words we should have spoken.
The child is here. All worn out symbols are.
Maybe the father is here too.


Comments on: "The child is here" (10)

  1. You really moved me. Ever wonder why poetry and pain are so entwined? Thank you for giving some of yourself.

    • Hi Paul, thank you very much. Yes, poetry is a good way to express pain. My father and I had a difficult relation at times (he was away a lot) and I sometimes wish I had been a bit easier. I must have given him a lot of trouble being stubborn and going my own way. He died 20 years ago. I have been dreaming about him lately. Hence… 🙂

  2. This is very moving Ina.

    You wrote it at just the right time for me too. I understand this was about the relationship with your father. But as it was mothers day here yesterday, I had similar thoughts about my mum. We were close at times but during my rebellious teens I think I gave her more grief than she ever deserved.

    L&H xx

    • Hi Christine,

      Thank you very much. Maybe this was about my mother too, though I was thinking of my father. lol I think I gave them both a lot of grief not being the way they wanted me to be. And I was their only child.

      I think your mother would forgive you for being rebellious 🙂 as mothers are the forgiving kind? I can’t imagine anyone not forgiving you anything 🙂 xx Love and hugs

  3. You are very kind!

    Yes I am sure she forgave me. We became closer as I became older, then sadly she went back almost to childhood. Very sad. L&H xx

  4. A very moving poem, which caused me too to think about my parents.


    • Hi David,

      thank you very much. Maybe we all had issues with our parents that we feel bad about later in life. As now we are parents ourselves and we start to know what parenting is. 🙂


  5. A beautiful letting us in on your private conversation with remembering and a questioning that hints of regret – but, also, and perhaps more importantly, continuation. What you write so personally is transferable to us all and our individual experiences of the loss of those we can not finish with. XO ♥

    • Hi Diane,
      thank you very much for reading and your wonderful comments again. Yes, continuation, perhaps that is the most important XX ♥

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