You are so not there

I feel familiar lines
on a shell I found
where the tide line ends.
It looks just like the shell
that you once gave to me.

I feel your skin touching my own.
I hear a voice in roaring sea
as it greets me every time,
and I hear you speak to me
in the same familiar tone.

The clouds are moving on so fast,
going East now, in the shape
of your calmly waving hands,
the salt I’m tasting on my lips
is like the tears that you once shed.

All my senses seem aware
that you are with me now at last
but the beach is cold and empty,
the angry sea is without ships,
and you my friend are so not there.


Comments on: "You are so not there" (15)

  1. I love your obsession with the liminal sea/shore, and presence/loneliness.

  2. mirabella said:

    Bellissima. Grazie love. Bxxx

  3. That’s sweet and sad poem.
    I wish you read mine too.

  4. A beautiful poem.

    But very, very sad


  5. Beautiful Ina and so gently sad.

    L&H xx

  6. Wow, Ina, such an amazing poem! But you got that golden pen going on, keep writing and sharing, your poems have been so gorgeous! God bless dear sister!

  7. Those last lines sum up the poem so excellently! β™₯

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