Homesick of the sea

6feb2013 038

The sand is blowing under sky.
Can one be homesick of the sea?
I feel the grains inside my lungs
and every ancestor with me
is holding hands behind my back.

I feel their old eyes in my neck.
We walk the tide line just once more.
I never felt land was my home,
I am not meant to be ashore.
The waves as always seem to call.

The ancestors have seen it all
and tell me it is better so
to live on land and not at sea.
My guess is that it’s what they know,
they’ve witnessed so much in their lives.

The sailing men, their sailing wives,
the storms they knew when all seemed lost,
the bitter struggle to maintain,
to be at sea at such high cost.
I walk back home leaving the waves.


Comments on: "Homesick of the sea" (16)

  1. I love this poem Ina. And if my father was here and read this there would be a resounding “yes” as the answer to your question! I do believe he was not truly happy anywhere else but by or more probably on the sea.

    • πŸ™‚ Thank you very much Christine. My father was always seasick, not very good for a seaman, I think he would have felt the opposite πŸ™‚ L&H xx

  2. WP keeps replacing my gravatar pic with a sickly pattern! Lol This time its blue, its usually green! πŸ™‚ L&H xx

  3. Lovely poem Ina. I can relate to this very much.

  4. Love the sea and have lived a few miles from Miami Beach for most of my life. But I can’t swim and don’t go on boats as I need a motion sickness pill just to get into the bath tub.

  5. It’s the ship that stays still; it’s the land that moves; the great waves are the land’s restless words as it turns, turns.

  6. homesick for the sea? most definitely…lovely poem.

  7. A poem which resonates with me.

    Yes, one can feel homesick for the sea


  8. There is never any doubt, Ina – the sea is in every part of you! Lovely piece. XO

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