How else to know

If someone told me
it’s me you’re in love with,
I would think him
a liar maybe.

If someone was sure
and said you had noticed me,
I would not believe him
for a moment.

Nobody ever
told me such a thing
so just how am I to know
the truth anyway?

That it could be real
what he did not say?
If only someone
had told me this.

I go by his unspoken words
and hope against all odds
that you have noticed me,
that it is so, in fact.

How else to carry on,
and keep the dream intact
that you will be my love
and one day tell me so?


Comments on: "How else to know" (10)

  1. I love the feeling of longing in this one Ina. Very nice!

  2. I love this Ina. Maybe we need to be the one to take risk!

    L&H xx

    • Hi Christine,

      thank you very much. I did take the risk and said what I felt actually 🙂 and never regretted. But I did hang up the phone after I did lol 🙂 to make a long story short: we are still together. 🙂

      L&H xx

  3. I am with Christine on this one. 🙂

    Terrific poem

    Much Love

    • Hi David

      thank you very much 🙂

      Much Love (and I hope your cold is over, mine is persistent)


  4. 🙂 🙂 good or you! Xxx

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