Where seas meet

14jan13 016

There is a place where waves of two seas meet,
to blend the water of their different shades,
the blue ones barging in from Britain’s shores,
embrace the foam of the grey Wadden Sea.

A moment the two seas are in a dance,
the strong waves from the North Sea found their home
where Wadden Sea has waited all along,
a moment they are one, and all is calm.

It’s only then they are together,
before the North Sea dies in lover’s arms.
The Wadden Sea waits for the next high tide
in just twelve hours. She must be prepared.

I wrote this after reading the lovely poem “Heartbeat” by BelfastDavid 🙂


Comments on: "Where seas meet" (4)

  1. And I wrote mine after hearing David Tait read his poem “Heartbeat”.

    I love it when inspiration makes its own way round the world!! 🙂


  2. I absolutely love this … you are a master at personifying the natural world, Ina! XO

    • Hi Diane, thank you very much. Sometimes nature makes more (well a different) sense if we try and see her in a more human light, and it is fun to do of course 🙂 XX

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