In the heart of the Rose

In the heart of the flower Rose
may be the end of my journey,
the reason for poems and prose
is just waiting there to be found.

Why we live, and why we die,
what follows up when all is over,
the Rose must know and doesn’t lie,
she promises the secret truth.

Should I open up the Rose now
and find all answers lying there?
If I do, will it tell me how
I can make such a rose myself?

I’ll leave the Rose alone to grow,
her lovely petals stay intact.
I do not really want to know
the reasons. Let me wonder them.

Comments on: "In the heart of the Rose" (14)

  1. Reblogged this on yasniger and commented:
    Life is a journey

  2. Careful of the thorns…

  3. I think this is terrific.

    Just a thought however –

    There is a wonderful surprise in the construct of the last line which delighted me when I first read it.
    I wonder if you might think of giving it a different title, thus preserving the surprise until the last line?


    • Hi David,

      thank you very much for your feedback, I think that is a good idea πŸ™‚ I never thought of it that way. As you know, it was the last line that worried me. I’ll make the change.

      Arohanui πŸ™‚

  4. This is lovely Ina.

    This is definitely a real rose! We can look at it with eyes wide open and wonder it πŸ™‚

    L&H xx

    • Hi Christine,

      thank you very much, the (real, not plastic!) rose is such a magnificent flower! πŸ™‚

      L&H xx

  5. I am sure that somewhere in the history of poetry there is a precedent for allowing rhyme to fall away from the second and fourth lines of a quatrain; nevertheless, that’s the structural aspect that makes this poem, in my view. It gives it a cadence and a feeling of unfinished-ness.

  6. A beautiful poem about the mysteries that should keep us wondering. Lovely, Ina! XO

    • Thank you very much Diane! πŸ™‚ A rose ( like an onion lol ) seems to know what eternity is all about πŸ™‚ XX

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