I got a dying rose

I got a rose, a red one,
she’s standing in a vase
where I watch her die
some more each day.

This flower, given out of love,
is making me more sad
as all you felt for me
is dying with her petals.

A plastic rose, a red one,
is what I need to get,
and if I’ll close my eyes a bit
we found a love forever.


Comments on: "I got a dying rose" (11)

  1. I’ve always asked why do we kill a tree to celebrate the Christ.

    • Hi Michael, we put the trees back in the soil after Christmas, but most of them don’t make it. One did, a very strangely shaped tree, that grows horizontal 🙂 It grows on top of the graves of 2 cats, maybe they are good food for a Christmastree. 🙂

  2. Oh I love rhis Ina!

    Closing your eyes a bit to make it look real so the love will last. Beautifully written!

    L&H xx

  3. If we close our eyes a bit, what a different world we’d see. You make me think and I love that

  4. Loved your poem Ina!

  5. Yes, you always offer a unique angle to things, Ina! Like that re-planted tree you described in one of your reply. 🙂 Thought provoking … isn’t an illusion just another kind of reality?

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