As the moon does

Few items mean so much to me as the moon does, or
a sunrise, a pet’s photo, smiles with crackling lines,
the smell of tea, contours of old castles. Cathedrals,
relieve after a storm, surviving all,
Clean sheets. Our family. Standing by the sea.

A hand on a shoulder. Our sons. Your letters.
The silver and green shamrock hanger I got in Dublin.
A Christmas tree. That happy feeling on a ship.
To be alone. Write. Read, or days in May. Violins.
New notebooks. Your body, and the verb to be.

Chocolate and train trips, walking, old cities, Norway.
Perfume, days after giving birth, getting published.
That I can see. A good bed after a long day. Fresh morning air.
Daisy chains, sweet white wine, an April shower.
The blue of the sky. Snow maybe. Sense of being free.


Comments on: "As the moon does" (14)

  1. Lovely, lyrical writing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ‘Same pinch’ for many, but loved the last one the most, sense of being free!
    Good one

  3. Add ‘raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens’ and you have a full set. 😀

    A poem made up of a list ought not to work, but by golly this does!

    “New notebooks. Your body, and the verb to be.” – a superb line.

  4. You never fail to amaze me…

  5. Sounds like a beautiful REAL life … not least with ‘ the verb to be’ Excellent poem! XO ♥

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