So tired is the world


So tired is this world already, tired
of the steady waves and breezes;
they cuss this Earth, that is so
tired of indifferent abuse.
Of always giving birth.

Above the monotone repeat
of day and night, which is
the beat of battered hearts
that have no love to give,
we live, we die. No fuss. We lose.

So tired is this world already,
even rain has stopped.
The sky forgets to cry
for the loss of our planet.
It forgets to cry for us.


Comments on: "So tired is the world" (8)

  1. That’s both well crafted and thought provoking. “It forgets to cry for us”. Powerful,

    • Hi Michael, thank you very much. I wrote it on Jan. 1 and then I didn’t like it, but today it didn’t seem too apocolypse, but just real, so there 🙂

  2. A deep thoughtful poem which makes me think again of our abuse of the planet.



    • Hi David, thank you.

      As always I am pleased when you read my stuff and even more so when you find it terrific! 🙂 That means I am on the right track to poetry perhaps.


  3. Great poem Ina.

    “It forgets to cry for us” – what a fantastic line that is!

    L&H xx

  4. ‘So tired is this world already’ Sad, but true. Let us hope that we can give it some rest and some healing to bring it back to some of its promise.

    As others have said, the last lines are wonderful. XO

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