Stupid people hate dictionaries.
It annoys them that a book
knows more than they do
and all books know more than they do,
so they gossip hatefully and aim to hurt
people reading dictionaries.

People reading dictionaries though
don’t care about stupid people.
They just look for another word
for stupid.

πŸ˜‰ Don’t ask!


Comments on: "Doltish" (10)

  1. This made me laugh! But I wont ask! Lol

    L&H xx

  2. I love my dictionary despite its name – it’s old and tattered and held together with tape but it’s real and trumps Google every time. Its pages tell me stories about my life that not even my mother knew…

    • πŸ™‚ Aw, what those pages could tell her lol.
      Dictionaries are great. And learning from them is too Sometimes whole philosopihies are stowed into just one word. That is awesome πŸ™‚
      With the first money I made writing, I bought the biggest Dutch dictionary (Van Dale) . It still provides me with answers, although spellingrules have changed already.

      • Change is the only constant – in our language we need to change – but the changes are difficult – the old ways of saying are important to keep and nourish…

        • Written English has words that haven’t changed much throughout centuries, but pronunciaton has. ( If I make many errors now it’s because it is too late in the evening to check my spelling πŸ™‚ ) I like English because it keeps it simple and still has the power to say everything in shades.

  3. I think you’ll find that’s a thesaurus rather than a dictionary, Ina! πŸ˜€


    • “a book, optical disc, mobile device, or online lexical resource (such as ) containing a selection of the words of a language, giving information about their meanings, pronunciations, etymologies, inflected forms, derived forms, etc., expressed in either the same or another language” I found this in an online dictionary lol and I meant this πŸ™‚

  4. I get it, and love what you express here, Ina! What is lost with learning a new word … a few minutes to look it up? πŸ™‚

    • It is fun to do πŸ™‚ I have a writing book where I used to write new-to-me English words down and what they meant but I can’t find it back. 😦

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