6feb2013 038

Now and then when the sea was more at ease
we walked looking for shells and bottles carrying notes
across the beach, the sand under our feet
but colourful plastic and fisherman’s nets
were treasures we took home, and wood ,
a stone that was said to be vomit of whale.
So rich is the sea. We kept the rotting wood and not the vomit.
What did we know of ambergris, we just knew about puke.

Recently, ambergris was found here on the island. It is worth a lot of money 🙂 When I brought home a sort of stone as a child, someone said it was whale vomit and my mother threw it away 🙂 But she allowed me to keep the most wonderful rotting pieces of wood!
I made the photo here on the beach this morning.


Comments on: "Ambergris" (9)

  1. This is an intruiging poem. And very informative too! Lol ive never heard of ambergris.
    Your photograph is wonderful!

    L&H xx

  2. Thanks for the info. It looks weird stuff! Lol xx

  3. Walking on beaches I cannot resist the wood and shell that echoes faces, bodies known and intricate fantasies – they fill my home with inspiration of dried possibilities…

  4. Sea-treasure is strange…

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