Under skies at night

Under skies at nights, all is different
for the mind: more alone we feel,
surrounded by cold shades, old scents
while unknown distances approach us wildly.

We seem smaller too, the sounds we hear,
are stronger. Animals make noises of another kind.

Hours seem to last much longer in the dark.
Maybe differences occur because we should be dreaming.

Nights are made for thinking of the day.
Once we’ve done so, they just slip away.


Comments on: "Under skies at night" (6)

  1. Last lines are true. Need to release bad thoughts and begin the upcoming new day fresh and hopeful. Thank you for the excellent poem.

  2. My dreams never end – continuing into day and beyond – their hauntings are reflected in your words…

  3. Beautiful! I love the idea of nights being a clearing out time. XO

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