In changing shades I’ve seen this morning go,
from pink to gold and silver moving skies.
Good mornings start with what we think we know
combined with nature’s truth and all our lies.

We wonder much more than we really should.
The birds that fly across the rooftops, see
more than we do, but only want some food.
For them, the sky seems just a place to be.

But are birds happy, do they feel they’re free?
And if they do so, will they pass it on,
to other birds? What do they think of me?
Where do the souls of birds go when they’re gone?

There is no answer and such questions fade
into the grey reality we made.


Comments on: "Goodmorning" (6)

  1. You are so good at these! I love this one 😊

    L&H xx

  2. Terrific

    The rhythm of this poem just carried me along


  3. I always like to see sonnets being made, though I must admit that the repetition of the ‘d’ rhyme as the ‘e’ rhyme halted me in mid-read.

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