Maybe I should not stay in Winter nights
outside in silence, while everyone sleeps,
to linger long, watching the cobalt skies.
Maybe I should not try to understand.

Indoors is warmth and when the door is shut
I can pretend the world is just our house.
But here, in magic snow Iā€™m more at home,
in Winter nights under the cobalt skies.

There are more questions in those Winter nights
than stars, and many shine, but why they do
will always stay a mystery, unsolved.
I stand under the cobalt sky and wait.


Comments on: "Nights" (9)

  1. I often look up and watch the winter stars. When I shiver, I wonder whether it is because of the cold or my ignorance…


  2. I thought of quoting lines I especially liked, but then I realised there where too many and I end up quoting the whole poem. Full of lovely observations and reflections which I love

  3. I love this.

    A poem which makes me stop and think


    • Hi David, thank you šŸ™‚

      I hope you are feeling better šŸ™‚ Stay warm just in case!


  4. beautiful poem, Ina . groetjes šŸ™‚

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