Thinking you away

I tried to think you away reason by reason
but you always showed up in my dreams anyway.
In my coffee you floated, in every season,
you always came back, haunting me, day by day.

I then locked my memories of you in a jar
and threw them away in the deep of the sea,
but how I tried, I failed to throw you very far,
you would wash ashore, and always came back to me.

It is fine, as I found a way to compromise:
from five till six in the morning is time for you
but only then I think of you, before I rise,
and before the shower runs, I no more do.


Comments on: "Thinking you away" (7)

  1. So hard to do, but eventually one succeeds

  2. think you away – I suppose if we are still doing this the person is not all the way away. When they are all the way away we don’t think of them at all. That may be a goal but I don’t know if possible.

  3. Probably easier to remember – in a detached sort of way…

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