Lupa by Marie Marshall

This magnificent story of the young woman Jelena, a Serbian immigrant with post traumatic stress syndrome, who lives temporarily in Rome where she meets the mysterious Vittorio, will grab you from the moment you start reading. The story meanders from present to the days of the gladiators, and while we get to know Jelena better and what happened to her, we also learn about the harsh life of ancient Romans. This book is very well written, in a nice pace, and the end is amazing! It really was a very good read, from begin to end!

Lupa cover Β© P'Kaboo Publishers

Marie Marshall is a writer, blogger and poet, well recognized for her online poetry and in literary circles. A collection of poems ‘Naked by the Sea’ was published in 2010 (Masque Publishing)

Marie’s blog kvennarad


Comments on: "‘Lupa’ by Marie Marshall – a review" (6)

  1. The reference to the harshness of life in Ancient Rome grabbed my attention. I shall have to have a look at this work

  2. Thank you for the glowing review, Ina.


  3. David Eric Cummins said:

    That sounds really interesting.

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