My Winter Blues Sonnet

14jan13 004

Of course the frost is beautiful as such:
a virgin white that’s covering all land,
enough to make me have warm feelings and
appreciate the warmth of home so much.

It’s really nice to see the Winter’s touch
and watch the snowflakes falling, as they strand
on windowpanes or melting in my hand,
the colour that emerges when they smutch.

But now, for weeks it has been cold and bad
on roads with people falling everywhere,
so I don’t see the beauty it should add.
To go outside! And see some green right there!
I’m done with Winter’s reign. I shall be glad
to know that white stuff’s really getting rare!


Comments on: "My Winter Blues Sonnet" (16)

  1. Snow is rare for my Detroit area now. I don’t complain about it too much. Nice photo and description. Snowy days are nice when there is nothing to do.

  2. I agree with this poem in every way. I love snow but it is only pretty for a while. Then you just want grass. Fantastic job!

  3. Hi Ina

    This one made me smile.

    i feel the same, it’s all very cosy at first and then once tyre marks, footprints, sludge appear etc suddenly enough is enough! And its too cold, we need sun and green and warmth again!! Novelty gone! Lol

  4. Lovely poem and photo

  5. I love the photograph, and the waning interest in the snow. I agree it’s amazing how it’s attraction pales after a time

  6. Big Smile

    We still have some snow here.
    But I am not tempted to go out in it!! 🙂

    Stay warm

  7. great poem, Ina… I have had it too with the snow.. But there seems to be more on the way tonight..
    Keep warm,
    groetjes, Francina 🙂

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