The nights are thin cheap walls now, erected
between reality and life. They stand,
although not well constructed. To me
they are the fence before sobriety,
the end of one more day that was a mess.

Through cracks the cold air comes to refresh me,
and more or less renewed I rise at nine.
The walls have stood and done their job. I pray
that crazy lights won’t trouble me today.
It’s fine. Again the nights will shelter me.

Celebrating my bd, I treated myself with some time to write this poem. 🙂 And now it is party time I guess.


Comments on: "The nights are thin cheap walls" (14)

  1. Happy birthday!! And a great poem 🙂

    Enjoy, have a good one!

    Love and hugs


  2. Happy Birthday Ina,

    An interesting take on nights – often they are scarey places, but this puts a more reassuring twist to it.

    (((Big Irish Hug))) for your birthday

    • Hi David, thank you very much 🙂
      Nights can be horrible esp. in Winter. In daylight, things never look so dpepressing!

      Arohanui 🙂
      {{{{ big Dutch hug }}}}

  3. Happy birthday Ina, have a good party also have a STAR from my site.

  4. David Eric Cummins said:

    Happy Birthday, Ina! 🙂

  5. Have a wonderful time, and happy birthday to you…enjoy yourself!

  6. Happy Birthday Ina! I hope you have a wonderful time.
    I quite enjoyed this poem. It left me with a sense of warmth and quiet comfort.
    Tikarma. Xx

  7. A very, very Happy Birthday Ina – big hugs from art rat xoxoxo

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