Shade of a storm

As light is needed to make shade, so do
I need your voice to say what’s real here, what is made
of substance, what is air and nothing more. Or lies the truth in
the transparent molecules between us when we see each other?
Air has no shade, no memories, you say.

Yet I recall a certain storm we had before.
Air moving fast. Although it didn’t last for long,
the memory won’t fade. The air between us seems much thicker now.
So what is real when clouds have moved away,
is it enough for us to open savoured bottles? Will you stay?


Comments on: "Shade of a storm" (14)

  1. It is though you read my cards and lay them out for the world to gaze upon.

  2. “As light is needed to make shade,” Ironic that light and darkness are dependent on each other to exist. Yin and Yang ?

  3. I hear you Ina…

  4. I think the first verse is wonderfully written, and sets up the second very well.

  5. “…in the transparent molecules between us…” I love this! Thanks for your visit & kind comments on my blog. I’m glad we’re now connected and liked very much what you said about the “freedom gained” to write poetry in a language that is not our “mother tongue”. French for me, and Dutch for you, right? You write beautiful poetry! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Merci & Dank U wel ♥

    • Hi Frederic, thank you very much. I am happy to have found your blog, such refreshing and well crafted poetry! You write wonderful poems and very well too. Yes, my native language is Dutch. To explore another language and the possibilities that go with it really gives that freedom feel! : ) Dank je wel and Merci! ❤

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