Time, we so need time, to be in, to live in, to heal in,
we see it on the graveyards, as there lives time,
we do need time desperately, we also hate it.
We find it in mirrors and in condolences.
Time grows on us, and makes us older,
as time is impatient, never waiting
never showing any mercy at all
time is not gentle and soft
never it is generous
not to us
time brings pain
sadness that lingers on
it leads us to an early death,
or finds us looking back in tears
at sunny days when we’re being happy
playing with a toy horse or a bright red ball.
Death meets us at the end of the darkest alley,
that’s where we are when there is no time for us left.
Lost we shall be then. Gone. It always has the last word: time


Comments on: "Time" (3)

  1. Time in an hour glass, well done…

  2. The cleverness in the form did not at all affect the profound meaning in the words! Perfectly expressed, Ina.

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