I’ve sensed you for a while

I’ve sensed you for a while
in ordinary features of the morning
like Lipton tea and my warm winter coat.
In memories you were,
coming from the scent of cinnamon.
I’ve sensed you, on my body, in my skin.
You lingered in my mind.
Shivering under your illusive touch,
I felt your breathing through my hair.
In cold draft vales from open doors
I sensed your presence.
You warmed my sight in autumn colours.
In darkness, inside of me at night,
I sensed that we were one.
I heard your name in every sentence.
Still, for you, I was not even close in thought,
while you were living in my every breath.
Lately I’ve sensed you; for a while
you made me glad I was your lover.

a repost, written in memory of ML
beyond all sense and your senseless death.


Comments on: "I’ve sensed you for a while" (6)

  1. This is a haunted poem, Ina. It has the sadness of loss, the revelation in the end that you are writing about a long past relationship that must have made you unhappy at some point, and a strong feeling of memories that were powerful and are still powerful, but still somehow removed.

  2. Love poetry / loss poetry – difficult to pull off without becoming sentimental.

  3. Another beautiful poem


  4. “In memories you were,
    coming from the scent of” … earth and clay

    For years ….

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