It’s really dark outside, and night,
there seems no sense to life, no sound, as all is dead
and wears the colour black in mourning now.

But after a short while, the eyes adjust and I can see
some different tones in grey. No shapes. It is enough
for reassurance though, that life is still around somehow.

If there is sense to it or not, I should not care,
at this hour, I should sleep. Not be aware.
Still, yes I am awake and shall be till the morning glow.

There is no sense to night, and as I rise, I know exactly why.
The bed looks promising, just waiting for a chance
to prove it has a use. Sleep, oh I miss you so!


Comments on: "Insomnia" (8)

  1. Here’s hoping the yawns catch up with you soon…much enjoyed
    the reading!

  2. I know too well those middle of the night insomniac feelings

    Look after yourself


    • Those nights can be bad, but have some charme too I think πŸ™‚ it is better to sleep well though! You look after yourself too.

  3. Hi Ina, I relate very much!

    Brilliantly written

    L&H xx

  4. This is beautiful and thoughtful.

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