Hospital room

You enter the room and a drip or is it a bomb starts to beep,
a hunchbacked nurse runs in to replace the antibiotics while
outside it is starting to snow red snow,
somewhere in the hospital someone is crying in chinese characters
that are spread over the walls
as ambulance sirens approach and go right through the ceiling,
a dog is barking with an increasingly higher voice
till it sings an aria from Carmen,
and all I know is that you enter the room.
I never felt more serene. All is well. Let me sleep now.


Comments on: "Hospital room" (14)

  1. Great mood, great imagery here, Ina. One of your best.

  2. Awesome!…
    Rachael πŸ™‚

  3. [I entered a comment, Ina, but it seems to have disappeared.]

  4. Beautiful poem, Ina. Powerful too. It starts out frantic and then ends in serenity. Mostly I can’t stand hospitals. I’ve been in too many of them too often, but I like the idea that even though they are frantic places, serenity is by far and away the most intelligent response to their presence in our lives.

    • Hi Thomas
      thank you very much! It was my 7th time of general anesthetics, my nineth hospital stay I think. I don’t mind the stay too much, just the moments before the surgery, not being able to sleep because everything that goes around. And the food perhaps. And… lol I agree about hospitals!

  5. Ah those bitter sweet hospital drugs giving relief, surreal visions and impossible dreams. Poets and artists hate and welcome their trickster presence – but now your eyes are yours again and see enough to remember the real…

  6. I have actually never had anesthetics – what a wonderful stream of consciousness to unconsciousness you have written here!

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