First time we met
it was not exactly a tango,
it was no dance at all,
it was running across town,
in and out all taverns.

Starting our relation,
we started with nothing
but what we wrote in our letters,
and our bodies came closer
on the floor where a mattress made a bed.

Now so many years later
we do an occasional waltz
quietly together,
we don’t need music
in each other’s arms
in the kitchen at night.

You and me, I love you
so what if it’s a cliché,
it’s what I feel,
as I know you now
enough to dance
a waltz in the light
of the fridge.


Comments on: "Proper dancing in the light of the fridge" (20)

  1. Blue collar romance is the real deal.

  2. Soft and subtle is the dance
    Thank you

  3. I would say Bravo! But all I can do is sigh….wonderfully lovely and much enjoyed…

  4. There is so much warmth in this poem, even if cold air is spilling from the fridge.

    You really do love poems extremely well


    • Hi David,
      thank you very much, 🙂 lol I didn’t think of the cold air… Love gets better with time I think. I hope my poetry will do that too!

      Arohanui 🙂

  5. Interesting metaphor…

  6. Moonlight or fridge light – lovely love is lovely – in your kitchen and in your words…

  7. ‘we don’t need music
    in each other’s arms
    in the kitchen at night.’

    Sometimes cliches are truth. So let it be said!

  8. A wonderful love poem, Ina. May you dance in the kitchen at night for as long as dancing is possible, and then may a dance start up in your spirit that brings alive the dance you have known for so long. I loved this.

  9. So true. As we come to know each other. Yet for me, at times there are these memories … not unlike the moments your poetry speaks of.

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