It was a perfect house, not ours, but of a friend
of yours, whose grandma lived there years ago, and nothing
had been moved nor touched since then. No body lived there
and no body cared we opened the front door with force.
Upstairs we had no time to lose and took off all our clothes
before we found a bed, our bodies needed to be close and closer, more
so as the night was almost gone, and ghosts
took over the dark floors below us, we went on.
Then we came down into the kitchen, there
they lingered, with accusing eyes and pointing fingers,
guilt was written everywhere in blood.
The house started to scream and cupboards slammed,
we waited till more daylight came, and left apart,
I walked the way to town and never saw you back.
And now I hear the house has been on fire, only days
after our sin, and no one knows how come.


Comments on: "A house on the island of Naxos" (12)

  1. Definitely a chilling write…greatly enjoyed !

  2. That’s pretty good. Bang-on extended metaphor.


  3. At times I feel as though you are writing my story. I can’t help but to come back for more. Thank you

  4. Draws you in, even carresses a little, and then – chilling! (A little of the Edgar Allen Poe about this … )

    • Thank you! The title reminds me of your book, I am reading again now and I am continuing reading yours! It is great! 🙂

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