In and out

By every strike as you enter,
there comes the withdraw, when you leave,
when I think that you might be gone forever.

I doubt oceans and shores
feel this joy and abandonation
both lasting just seconds,
every time a wave comes and goes.

“What the fuck,” they would think,
“this will go on forever, in this pace,
higher ashore and then back,
that’s the law of the tide,”
but they don’t know you.

I want to hold you inside
just in case.

the codeïne made me write this… 😉


Comments on: "In and out" (8)

  1. Type of poem better for me not to say much. Good Lord. Ima good Presbyterian. But I can say the feelings are expressed modestly and artfully.

  2. They always blame the codeine…

  3. Especialy love the second stanza, Ina! XO

  4. Codeine? Is this post op medication? How did it go or is it yet to be? I used to down mountains of codeine for migraines and did some of my best drawings then but I became allergic to codeine and switched to ‘green herbals’ – migraines gone and even better drawings emerged!!! I’m impressed that you are still writing while going through such a difficult time – but I realize that such times are nourishing for poets like yourself – take good care Ina…

    • Hi John, the codeïne was for my coughing, I got some antibiotics too, I only took 10 mg codeïne a time, but I slept really good and the coughing is over. I have to be in good shape for next Friday, that is when the surgery will be (with general anesthetics), I didn’t know it was a medicine for migraines, they can be really bad, so good that they are gone! Your green herbals did the trick? What kind were they?
      I am still trying to write my novels but it is not with the speed I am used too. This will be better in time. I hope. 🙂 Thank you, I am taking care! 🙂

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