From the land of Cuthim

Your arms stretched out,
the world that hurts,
has been embraced once more by you
and once more all the planet’s pain
was crushed against your breast,
and all the tears were kissed away,
but you can’t carry
all the burden on your own,
you need to rest and let it go, shrug
your shoulders, leave, as pins and knives
are penetrating through your back.
Now it is time for you.

I am having a fever ,  hope it isn’t showing in the poem lol


Comments on: "From the land of Cuthim" (11)

  1. Changed “penetrating in” into “penetrating through” think it’s better, as penetrating has already in incuded? (I hate this cold lol I can’t even think without snot.)

  2. Beautiful poem…i can relate to you Ina, my days a little much of late also! God bless my sister!

  3. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery…and enjoyed the poem as well 🙂

  4. It doesn’t really show. Get well soon.

    (By the way, I’ll hazard that you mean ‘shrug’ at the end of line 9)


    • Hi M, thank you very much, I altered it. It was no typo, I thought it was to shrub lol 🙂 And thank you for the get well wish, much appreciated!

  5. Illness often times prompts good writing, dredges up the exceptional. Really like this poem…

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