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Old woman

She lived alone
in something of a house
with sand as floor,
a table and one chair,
no light, and she was old.

They called her witch,
she never left the door.
The others dared me to go in.
I entered, and she was surprised
to get some company,
as I was glad she didn’t eat me all alive.

Once she had been somebody’s wife,
now all she had,
was looking forward to her death.
But how she smiled!
As if she knew a secret that
I had to earn to know as well as she had done.
No teeth involved, no there were none,
my fear had been in vain.

I went away for just a month;
when I returned,
her house was gone
and so was she,
so was her smile,
and no one told me what or how,
but every now and then,
for just a little while,
I see her face again.
Her secret not unfold.


Thin walls of unappropriate shame

It made me so proud
walking next to you
the morning after our first time sex
and everyone who saw us,
knew, so I thought,
it was in our eyes
and how we held hands,
but I never was loud,
never shouted your name.
Imagine what memories
we could have made,
if only I had ignored
those thin walls
and my unappropriate shame.

From the land of Cuthim

Your arms stretched out,
the world that hurts,
has been embraced once more by you
and once more all the planet’s pain
was crushed against your breast,
and all the tears were kissed away,
but you can’t carry
all the burden on your own,
you need to rest and let it go, shrug
your shoulders, leave, as pins and knives
are penetrating through your back.
Now it is time for you.

I am having a fever ,  hope it isn’t showing in the poem lol

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