Absence of you

I’ll feel you no longer as part of me,
the nights will be colder and the Sun will be gone,
meanwhile in nature everything will move on
towards the new season, as it should be.

The pain of plastic
seen in purest snow
on a Winter’s day
cruel and crispy flickering
the pain of plastic
seen in purest view.

My arms will feel heavy without holding you
in evenings when the demons come to play,
I shall miss the calming words you used to say.
Is this just when, or shall I always do?

The cold of plastic
felt in purest snow
on a Winter’s day
indifferent of my skin
the cold of plastic
in the purest ice.

A morning will come when you are gone at all,
out of my mind, my body and my heart.
I won’t be looking for another start,
your absence starts my season, my true Fall.


Comments on: "Absence of you" (4)

  1. Strangely, what I like most about this poem is its concrete shape, topped with the photo. I can’t help that.

    I get a feeling like I know your have picked and chosen images from a great treasure-pile of tradition, and have made a retro-candlestick of it, deliberately rustic and distressed here and there.

    I love the idea of demons coming to play. I may steal it.


    • Thank you very much for this beautiful comment, the treassure pile… and the retro candlestick, wow, I love that πŸ™‚ Steal away πŸ™‚

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