We age

Let’s not forget our age and that it matters,
we can not climb the cliff the way we could,
and even if we can, is it we should
pretend that we are younger than our years?
In time forgotten are all names in letters,
that loved ones sent us in some caring mood.

We are like fossils, we are ancient shells,
but even if the bones are aching worse,
and only transport in our future is a hearse,
we must not wait till tide washes our feet.
It is the power that we find inside ourselves
that is our age. The heart that is our beat.


Comments on: "We age" (14)

  1. A grand philosophical rendering πŸ™‚

  2. A great poem Ina!

    Definitely one to reflect upon, but not sureI want to go there foday. Today I choose o be young (at heart anyway!) lol

    L& H xx

    • Hi Christine
      Thank you πŸ™‚ Maybe we are as old as we think we are ?
      Young at heart, I never understood that. Being old at heart has the benefit of wonderful wisdom coming from experience πŸ™‚ ?
      I really just want to be my age lol which I am not sure is old or young. I feel young, but that is because I have never been older I suppose. But I think I definetely should start behaving like a grown up by now…? So no more pouting and sulking πŸ™‚ and such…

      Love and hugs xx

  3. Food for thought!! Lol. I think when I say young at heart I mean not becoming stuffy and old fashioned in my thinking. My youngest daughter has helped to be in this place as I was 39 when she was born and she has helped to “keep me young” in a way, but still having the so called wisdom of age too, if that makes any sense! It does fo me! Lol

    Growing up? Not sure about that one! Maybe being able to be childlike but not childish is the answer? πŸ™‚


    • This is because you are not old. πŸ™‚
      But what is wrong in being old fashioned once you are old πŸ™‚ My grandmother was oldfashioned in many ways and rightfully so I think. If I mentioned her fat tummy she would say: I have had children, that is the way one is supposed to look like after that. I find that very good thinking, better than wearing a corset! I want to be a grown up with grown up ways! I refuse to be young till I die lol. πŸ™‚ And I absolutely don’t want to be childlike! LOL


  4. “It is the power that we find inside ourselves
    that is our age. The heart that is our beat”

    Who could not be moved by these words. There are blogs I visit for the nourishment and perspective they provide. Yours is very much in that catagory

    • Thank you very much, that is very kind πŸ™‚ I am very pleased that you read and enjoy my postings!

  5. I like to be a good mix of old and young! That will do for me!

    When I play with the grand-children’s toys and they are not there – now that I consider “childlike” and I love it!! lol xx

  6. (I need to go to the beach. I know it’s nearly winter, but I need to go to the beach…)

  7. I’m with ‘counting ducks’ comment all the way. I like Michelangelo’s reputed last words: “Ancora Imparo” – “I’m still learning”…

    • Hi John, thank you πŸ™‚ Ancora Imparo, that is a good motto. We never stop learning, hopefully. More and more to discover each day…

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