This is not a cow

My granddaughter, whose age is
12 months, a fortnight and a day,
just got a cardboard book.

She takes a look at the picture of a cow,
drawn without a love for animals
in too bright colours, hasty lines
that don’t seem to feel right how
real creatures breathe and live.
“Where is the cow?” I ask her anyway.

She looks at me
the way one does
when grandmothers
ask such dumb stuff.

She thinks and ponders,
points her finger at the window,
in the direction where the farmlands are.

She wonders much but won’t be fooled.
Some books might be just good enough,
but not as good as others.



Comments on: "This is not a cow" (8)

  1. Hi Ina,

    Ive missed a few of your others over the weekend its so busy here with family all over the place!! Lol

    I love this poem! And you are so right, some children’s books are just rubbish, both stories and Illustrations! I don’t know how they are published!

    Eline pointed in the right direction! She knows what a cow is supposed to look like! 🙂

    L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, here was a bit the same lol, now they left. I hope you have a great time! Thank you very much for your comment, it is true. I sometimes wonder why children’s books are so ugly!

      Eline does know cows and sheep and horses. I think that is brilliant for a little toddler… 🙂

      Love and hugs! xx

  2. I’ll have to ditto your “brilliant” comment…enjoyed the reading 🙂

  3. What a perceptive and independent thinker your granddaughter is! Long may it continue. So glad you captured this precious moment!

  4. The enchanting wisdom of the young – they are our true Zen teachers. Your words capture the moment beautifully…

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