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I need not do life over gently

Some hope is built on trembling sand,
sometimes it’s just a reaching hand,
some words are lame, like love and friend,
when rhyme can’t cover for my fear
then my work is over here,
I need not do life over gently.

There is no freedom if not everyone is free,
there is no love to lose when you are hating me,
there is no meaning in the word eternity,
when nothing changes for the best,
then let my bones just rot away and rest
I need not do life over gently.

I made the pic this morning right before a rain began to fall

The funeral of a dead line (or: the morning after the wake)

Awoke between
yesterday’s bottles,
torn calendar pages
and bread on the table,
I taste the bitter sense
of this madness
that is making money,
washed down
with coffee.

Time to work.

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