Poems among poems

There is a place where all the poems gather
for their annual meeting, their social affair.
They have a beer, a hug, and rub a shoulder,
another year older, some typo’s are showing,
now who found a partner, and who is still single?

With pain do they watch the old villanelle,
that no one understands these days as she mumbles,
getting more and more tipsy, till she almost tumbles,
then someone takes the old girl to the home,
while here in the café the others mingle.

The haiku, always the first to be silent,
as he is short in words, buys all a new drink.
They talk about rhyme, and how to omit it,
there’s almost a fight, but just in time
a nice Shakespearean sonnet makes them shake hands.

They dance rather rusty, two free verses go crazy
and a tanka throws up, but nobody cares.
After hours, when the others have left,
two disputing sestina’s still linger
and won’t go home till it’s already day.


So much to say in so many words.
Till next year, my friends
and take care of yourselves now!
May the spirit be with you
and the sentences flow.

entry for dverspoets week 68


Comments on: "Poems among poems" (18)

  1. “The haiku, always the first to be silent” – a brilliant thought, a brilliant way of explaining haiku. I shall quote you in ‘the zen space’. 🙂

  2. hahaha this was fun…the old villanelle getting tipsy made me giggle a bit….love the personification of the poems…

  3. Fantastic! That ol’villanelle gets me everytime and could no doubt drink me under the table.

  4. Laurie Kolp said:

    lol… this is delightful

  5. Ha…love the poems having a social 🙂

  6. What a wonderful poem! I really enjoyed this!

  7. what a wonderful idea *loving it*

  8. Wonderful, clever poem about poems, Ina. I also especially like: ‘The haiku, always the first to be silent… ‘ This is … for now … one of my favorites of yours.

  9. Witty, whimsical and wonderful – you have ended my evening with gentle laughter – thank you Ina…

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