Dark Season

I watch my life grow darker now each day
and all around me lesser world is seen,
a bitter cold and storms till it is May,
a window with no view, a misty street,
my mind that’s waiting but for what indeed.

The postman lost a letter no one needs
it’s flying high above the neighbour’s roof,
forgotten words that no one ever reads
as rain has washed away the ink, they’re gone.
The postman sighs and struggles, moving on.

I’m not that good in seasons with no light.
If I could just fast forward a few months,
or replay Summer – I would be alright,
relive a bit of magic that I found.
But such is life, to live it all year round.


Comments on: "Dark Season" (4)

  1. Winter can be desolate; well written…

  2. “I watch my life grow darker now each day” – I hope it is the season and not your eyes that darkens your world and I hope your sight is improving. I’m with your thoughts on winter – I feel hibernation time creeping up…

    • Hi John, it was on my mind when I wrote this, but I also meant the season. (my eyes are still blurred, I am waiting for the telephone to ring to call me for the surgery . Somehow my first fear of getting blind is over, I now know they can fix it with a vitrectomy 🙂 )

      Hibernating sounds like a plan 🙂

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