The moment we made gods

Outside is now a sky with many stars
that make me shiver in my almost sleep.
There’s so much space that it’s called time instead
and deep down underneath this, only us.

I wonder when it was that men looked up
above their heads to notice all those lights
which didn’t fall down on the earth, but stayed
at nights, only to dissappear in day.

It may have been when men just realized
there must be more that we don’t know about,
as thunder made them sleep together close,
the loud and angry hauling of a wolf.

I see the stars and feel I could make gods
from angry wolves and thunder in the air
and my respect would be towards the stars
as there they live now, looking down at us.


Comments on: "The moment we made gods" (10)

  1. Beautiful seranade of words! A very moving poem Ina, i loved it!

  2. I think we still do create gods…We just call them Nature and Science now…

  3. beautiful one, Ina.. we still make gods I think .. only they consist out of materials things today I guess.
    grotejes, Francina xx

  4. It is said man is made in the image of God. I think they have it backwards. We have personified God to the point he possess all the human emotions and frailties.

  5. The moment we made gods we made ourselves.

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