Evenings with you

Our minds have thought alike in our growth
but soulmates is a word we never use
as if to label it would mean to lose
what now is silently between us both.

The evenings seem more bareable somehow
when shared in company of you and wine
and let the storm outside rage on, it’s fine;
we have the warmth we need between us now.

To have those nights when your arms shelter me,
it gives me courage to go on with life,
maybe it was wise to become your wife;
I never knew though what you saw in me.


Comments on: "Evenings with you" (10)

  1. Ina this is so lovely!

    A tender love poem which flows as beautifully as the love it conveys.

    Love and hugs


  2. A great love song Ina. Do we ever know what another sees in us? I doubt it. It must be enough that they like us or love us. That must be the greatest affirmation, anyway.
    Thank you, I enjoyed that

  3. This is beautiful Ina. Again you bring me in touch with the sensitivty that a woman possesses with your writing. You reveal such authencity.

  4. So beautifully happy are the words you share! It paints a lovely romantic picture! I love it!

  5. Serenely certain and uncertain … the most beautiful way to write about love in my opinion … May you long be blessed with it!

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