Where my grandfather’s father walked,
I walked the same way to the sea;
where his eyes saw clouds above him float,
so do I see them drift in changing shapes,
and though we never met,
I feel him close to me.

My footsteps here won’t last a day,
before the wind blows sand all over,
but once there comes a child to see
these dunes, this water and this sky
and, though we never met,
will then remember me.


Comments on: "Connection" (14)

  1. That is lovely Ina. I love the sense of continuity you bring to this plus your observation of sky and sands around you. I who never met any of my Grandparents, find this quite enchanting!

    • Hi Res, thank you 🙂 I only have a picture of that great grandfather, but he must have walked here too surely! And the sight never changed much, so that is a nice thought!

  2. What a lovely reflection Ina. To be in the same space once realized by a loved one always keeps the memory alive.

  3. Very haunting – love it 🙂

    L&H xx

  4. Reactie om het gewijzigde mailadres te testen, met leive groeten van je T.

  5. excellent, groetjes

  6. A beautiful and soothing poem Ina…it is truly inspiring!

  7. This is such a beautiful poem, Ina, reflecting on the memory of the earth, I think, and how the past, present and future are one in the moment.

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